/ two by four

recipes: 148 craft construction: 68

Volume: 1.5 L Weight: 3.07 lbs/1.39 kg
Bash: 10 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +1
Moves per attack: 112
Damage per move: 0.09
Materials: Wood
Can be obtained when disassembling: copper axe, wooden table, foldable wooden frame, wooden frame, light wooden frame, wooden cart wheel, banded wooden cart wheel, wooden armor kit, nailboard trap, mop, nail rifle, makeshift glaive, copper spear, knife spear, longbow, self bow, short bow, homewrecker, pistol crossbow, crossbow, bullet crossbow, pipe rifle: .22, pipe shotgun, double-barrel pipe shotgun, pipe rifle: 9mm, pipe rifle: .308, tube 40mm launcher, pair of nail knuckles, heavy crossbow, repeating crossbow, makeshift macuahuitl, directional antenna, pair of 2-by-shin guards, bindle, pair of 2-by-arm guards,

A plank of wood. Makes a decent melee weapon, and can be used to board up doors and windows if you have a hammer and nails.