? Mechanical Mastery

Volume: 1.5 L Weight: 3.50 lbs/1.59 kg
Bash: 4 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: N/A
Moves per attack: 115
Damage per move: 0.03
Materials: Paper

Can bring your mechanics skill to 6
Requires mechanics level 3 to understand.
Requires intelligence of 6 to easily read.
Reading this book affects your morale by -1
This book takes 30 minutes to read.
This book contains 24 crafting recipes:
chainsaw (off), pane of reinforced glass, reinforced headlight, vehicle controls, folding bicycle, duct tape, spiked plating, firearm repair kit, makeshift welder, jackhammer, combat chainsaw (off), ported barrel, rapid blowback, muzzle brake, ergonomic grip, firearm waterproofing, steel boom, telescopic cantilever, UPS-compatible recharging station, vehicle forge rig, vehicle welding rig, electric jackhammer, electric chainsaw (off), drive by wire controls
An advanced guide on mechanics and welding, covering topics like "Grinding off rust" and "Making cursive E's".