= copper wire

recipes: 108 craft

Volume: 0.75 L Weight: 0.88 lbs/0.40 kg
Bash: 0 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: N/A
Moves per attack: 83
Damage per move: 0.00
Materials: Plastic, Copper
Can be obtained when disassembling: teleport pad, electric firestarter, vehicle controls, chemistry set, makeshift welder, electric forge, concrete mixer, extra battery mod, UPS conversion mod, battery compartment mod, EMP grenade, coilgun, powered quarterstaff, handheld laser cannon, food processor, desk fan, heavy duty flashlight (off), laptop computer, mess kit, microwave, military mess kit, electric motor, large electric motor, multi cooker, basic power armor, RC car, television, toaster, food processor, electric carver (off), cordless drill, hedge trimmer (off), circular saw (off), amplifier circuit, signal receiver, transponder circuit, electric lantern (off), flashlight (off), floodlight, car headlight, noise emitter (off), radio (off), water purifier, hotplate, coffeemaker, back-up beeper, two-way radio, electrohack, mp3 player (off), handheld game system, geiger counter (off), UPS, advanced UPS, UPS-compatible recharging station, solar panel, upgraded solar panel, RV kitchen unit, vehicle forge rig, vehicle welding rig, FOODCO kitchen buddy, onboard chemistry lab, medium storage battery, storage battery, inactive laser turret, food dehydrator, atomic nightlight, atomic lamp, small electric motor, electric jackhammer, electric chainsaw (off), camera display, radio repeater mod, radio activation mod, faraday shark suit, car alternator, motorbike alternator, truck alternator, 7.5kW generator,
Damage: 0
Armor-pierce: 0
Dispersion: 0
Recoil: 0
Count: 200

Plastic jacketed copper cable of the type used in small electronics.