: homemade suppressor


Volume: 0.75 L Weight: 1.94 lbs/0.88 kg
Bash: 3 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: +1
Moves per attack: 91
Damage per move: 0.03
Materials: Steel

Damage: -5
Used on: pistol, smg, rifle
Location: muzzle

A homemade suppressor cobbled together out of spare parts. While not nearly as effective as a regular suppressor, it will reduce the amount of noise and muzzle flash generated by the report of a firearm. Gunfire is extremely loud and can damage your hearing without protection; a suppressor will bring the loudness of a report down to generally safe levels, as well as slightly reducing recoil and muzzle velocity. This simple suppressor is large and, when attached, will interfere with your ability to aim down the base sights of the gun.