% deluxe scrambled eggs can be crafted with the following recipes

Skill used: cooking
Required skills: N/A
Difficulty: 1
Time to complete: 6 minutes
Tools required:
> 1 tool with food cooking quality of 2
> surface_heat? (2 charges)
Components required:
> 10x powdered egg OR 2x bird egg OR 2x reptile egg
> 2x bacon OR 1x cooked meat OR 1x smoked meat OR 1x dehydrated meat OR 1x rehydrated meat OR 2x sausage OR 3x meat jerky OR 2x salted fish OR 1x pickled meat OR 1x salted meat slice OR 1x canned meat OR 1x canned chicken OR 1x SPAM OR 1x pickled fish OR 1x salted fish slices OR 1x canned fish OR 4x cracklins OR 1x canned sardine OR 1x canned tuna fish OR 1x canned salmon OR 1x pickled herring
> 1x water OR 1x clean water