% vegetarian baked beans can be crafted with the following recipes

Skill used: cooking
Required skills: N/A
Difficulty: 1
Time to complete: 6 minutes
Tools required:
> 1 tool with food cooking quality of 2
> 1 tool with cutting quality of 1
> surface_heat? (2 charges)
Components required:
> 1x beans OR 1x cooked beans
> 1x plant marrow OR 1x wild vegetables OR 1x dehydrated vegetable OR 1x mushroom OR 1x dried mushroom OR 1x cooked morel mushroom OR 1x cooked mushroom OR 1x rehydrated vegetable OR 1x canned tomato OR 1x tomato OR 1x irradiated tomato OR 1x pumpkin OR 1x irradiated pumpkin OR 1x broccoli OR 1x irradiated broccoli OR 1x zucchini OR 1x irradiated zucchini OR 1x celery OR 1x irradiated celery OR 1x cabbage OR 1x irradiated cabbage OR 2x sauerkraut OR 1x raw potato OR 1x irradiated potato OR 1x corn OR 1x corn OR 1x irradiated corn OR 1x onion OR 1x irradiated onion OR 6x irradiated carrot OR 6x carrot
> 10x sugar OR 1x maple syrup OR 1x sugar beet syrup OR 1x molasses OR 1x honey comb OR 1x forest honey OR 1x candied honey