% fish sandwich can be crafted with the following recipes

Skill used: cooking
Required skills: N/A
Difficulty: 1
Time to complete: 4 minutes
Tools required:
> 1 tool with cutting quality of 1
Components required:
> 1x cooked fish OR 1x batter fried fish
> 2x flatbread OR 2x bread OR 2x cornbread OR 2x wastebread
> 1x pickle OR 1x pickled veggy OR 1x onion OR 1x irradiated onion OR 1x canned tomato OR 1x irradiated tomato OR 1x tomato
> 1x ketchup OR 1x mustard OR 1x horseradish OR 1x mayonnaise OR 2x bacon OR 15x seasoned salt OR 1x soy sauce