[ go bag can be disassembled to obtain the following components.

Components obtained:
> 1x duffel bag
> 1x backpack
> 1x army helmet
> 1x army jacket
> 1x army pants
> 7x t-shirt
> 1x compression top
> 1x Kevlar vest
> 1x chest rig
> 1x rain coat
> 1x rain hood
> 1x long underwear bottom
> 1x towel
> 1x pair of combat boots
> 1x pair of sneakers
> 7x pair of socks
> 1x pair of tactical gloves
> 1x pair of rubber gloves
> 1x pair of fire gauntlets
> 100x battery
> 1x flashlight (off)
> 1x lighter
> 1x pocket knife
> 1x rollmat
> 1x sleeping bag
> 1x pair of ear plugs

Note: Components obtained yield only one component per group, if the item was crafted, it yields the component used, otherwise it yields the first component.