, power converter

recipes: 76 craft

Volume: 1 L Weight: 0.25 lbs/0.11 kg
Bash: 5 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -1
Moves per attack: 82
Damage per move: 0.06
Materials: Aluminum, Plastic
Can be obtained when disassembling: inactive manhack, inactive grenade hack, inactive mininuke hack, inactive tear gas hack, inactive EMP hack, inactive flashbang hack, inactive C-4 hack, electric forge, UPS conversion mod, battery compartment mod, EMP grenade, mininuke, coilgun, broken police bot, broken miner bot, broken riot control bot, broken skitterbot, broken tank drone, broken tribot, microwave, large electric motor, multi cooker, basic power armor, basic power armor helmet, television, toaster, vacuum sealer, electric carver (off), cordless drill, circular saw (off), soldering iron, tazer, geiger counter (off), UPS, advanced UPS, Power Storage CBM, Power Storage CBM Mk. II, Solar Panels CBM, Battery System CBM, Unified Power System CBM, Power Armor Interface CBM, Power Armor Mk. II Interface CBM, Aero-Evaporator CBM, Cranial Flashlight CBM, Water Extraction Unit CBM, UPS-compatible recharging station, solar panel, upgraded solar panel, vehicle forge rig, onboard chemistry lab, inactive turret, inactive laser turret, inactive rifle turret, food dehydrator, atomic nightlight, atomic lamp, atomic coffee maker, makeshift vacuum sealer, radio repeater mod, electric hair trimmer, pair of infrared goggles, pair of light amp goggles, car alternator, motorbike alternator, truck alternator, 7.5kW generator,

A power supply unit. Useful in lots of electronics recipes.