= reloaded .454 Casull can be crafted with the following recipes

Skill used: fabrication
Required skills: gun(7)
Difficulty: 7
Time to complete: 5 minutes
Tools required:
> hand press & die set
> nearby fire OR hotplate (10 charges) OR integrated toolset (10 charges) OR charcoal cooker (10 charges) OR chemistry set (10 charges) OR gasoline cooker (10 charges) OR mess kit (10 charges) OR military mess kit (10 charges) OR lamp oil cooker (10 charges) OR soda can stove kit (10 charges) OR survivor mess kit (10 charges)
Components required:
> 1x .454 Casull casing
> 1x small rifle primer
> 6x gunpowder
> 2x copper
> 4x lead OR 4x bismuth OR 4x silver OR 4x gold
This recipe can be found in the following books when fabrication is at least the required level:
The Handloader's Helper (level 6)
The Tao of the Handgun (level 7)