? Survival Under Atomic Attack

Volume: 2 L Weight: 4.23 lbs/1.92 kg
Bash: 8 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: N/A
Moves per attack: 129
Damage per move: 0.06
Materials: Paper

Can bring your survival skill to 8
Requires survival level 1 to understand.
Requires intelligence of 10 to easily read.
Reading this book affects your morale by -3
This book takes 55 minutes to read.
This book contains 42 crafting recipes:
copper axe, stone axe, quern, grappling hook, saline solution, poppy sleep, poppy painkiller, fungicide, antifungal drug, antiparasitic drug, syringe of adrenaline, heroin, diazepam, Thorazine, purifier, potassium iodide tablet, Prussian blue tablet, aspirin, water purification tablet, heat pack, liquid fertilizer, poppy cough syrup, royal jelly, bark tea, fertilizer bomb, geiger counter (off), radiation biomonitor, filter mask, survivor firemask, XL survivor firemask, gas mask, XL gas mask, XL gas mask, rebreather mask, XL rebreather mask, thermal electric balaclava, thermal electric outfit, thermal electric outfit, thermal electric suit, pair of thermal electric gloves, pair of thermal electric socks, rebreather filter cartridge
A wordy and intricate guide to wilderness and urban survival in a worst case scenario. While filled with loads of useful information, the madman who wrote this was a terrible writer, and gleaning knowledge from the rants is a chore.