/ copper spear can be disassembled to obtain the following components.

Tools required:
> 1 tool with cutting quality of 1
> 1 tool with hammering quality of 1
> hotplate (10 charges) OR charcoal smoker (10 charges) OR integrated toolset (10 charges) OR nearby fire OR charcoal cooker (10 charges) OR chemistry set (10 charges) OR gasoline cooker (10 charges) OR mess kit (10 charges) OR military mess kit (10 charges) OR lamp oil cooker (10 charges) OR soda can stove kit (10 charges) OR survivor mess kit (10 charges)
Components obtained:
> 1x heavy stick OR 1x broom OR 1x two by four OR 1x pool cue OR 1x pointy stick
> 1x rag OR 1x felt patch OR 1x leather patch OR 1x fur pelt
> 20x duct tape OR 1x small string OR 2x withered plant OR 2x pile of straw OR 20x thread OR 20x sinew OR 20x plant fiber OR 20x yarn
> 3x scrap copper OR 300x copper

Note: Components obtained yield only one component per group, if the item was crafted, it yields the component used, otherwise it yields the first component.