( V29 laser pistol

recipes: 1

Volume: 4 Weight: 1.50 lbs/0.68 kg
Bash: 5 Cut: 0 To-hit bonus: -2
Moves per attack: 92
Damage per move: 0.05
Materials: Steel, Plastic
Can be obtained when disassembling: inactive laser turret,

Ammunition: rounds of:
Ammo Dmg Pierce Noise
Damage: 10
Range: 30
Armor-pierce: 15
Dispersion: 180
Recoil: 0
Reload time: 200
Mod Locations:
2 accessories; 1 grip; 1 rail; 1 sights; 1 stock; 1 underbarrel

The V29 laser pistol was designed in the mid-21st century and was one of the first firearms to use fusion as its ammunition. It is larger than most traditional handguns, but displays no recoil whatsoever.